Little Egg Graphic Design Contest

Meet Devonne. He's in 6th grade, a track star, a great student, and an incredible basketball player. He also happens to be our nephew. While most kids spent the summer swimming or watching TV, Devonne was running a very successful lemonade stand. He has big business aspirations and right before school started he asked if he could work for us. 


Devonne is currently most interested in graphic design. He has a dance group called the Gold Gang and made all of their online promotional material. He decided to make us some advertising images and we were beyond delighted. When we asked him if we could put it on Facebook and write about it on our website he was so excited! 

We want to recognize Devonne for his incredible talent. We are holding a contest to see which one people like the best. The winning design will be chosen Sept. 3rd and will be featured on our social media platforms in the cover photo section for a week. We told Devonne he would win $50 for his hard work. He said he wanted to donate the money to Giraffe Laugh, a local nonprofit that he visited a few months ago. What a great kid! 

Tell us which of the versions below is your favorite! You can respond directly on this blog or go to any of our social media platforms to vote. If this has put a smile on your face please also consider making a donation to Giraffe Laugh. They do amazing work for our community by providing early education and nurturing to over 200 children daily. 

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Option C

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