We Are Now Buy Idaho Members!

We are so proud to announce that Little Egg Solutions has just joined the Buy Idaho family of Idaho businesses. Being an Idaho company founded by proud Idahoans, it only makes sense that we join up with the many other wonderful Idaho businesses in this great group. Being a member of Buy Idaho is a huge honor and a privilege to be among the organizations of our state that are creating local jobs, serving our local community, and strengthening our economy.

Being a small business owner like our small team here at Little Egg Solutions is no easy task. It can be compared to walking a tightrope while juggling chainsaws with no safety net. Being a member of Buy Idaho allows us to connect with and learn from others doing the same. What better way to learn a craft than to be connected with someone else who is actively doing it?

Buy Idaho was started over 31 years ago by our now Governor, Butch Otter. Here is an excerpt from his letter found on the official Buy Idaho website:

The “Buy Idaho” message is simple but profound: When you buy Idaho, you build Idaho. Idaho is a great place to live and work, and Idahoans can ensure our state’s prosperity by keeping our dollars here at home. It does more than the important work of creating jobs and supporting local economies. Buying Idaho also helps pay for the schools, services and infrastructure we all need to compete in the global marketplace.

Idaho is home to some of the most savvy, skilled business people you’ll find anywhere. In addition to their good business sense, these folks foster a fiercely independent entrepreneurial spirit that is unique to Idaho citizens. It is this unique spirit that makes the Buy Idaho program strong and dependable – just like our businesses.

If you are looking for a quality product that reflects the creativity, talent and innovation of its producer, look no further than your local Idaho businesses.

Please join me in supporting our great businesses and people by remembering to Buy Idaho!

At Little Egg Solutions, we are proud to be a part of this history that has spanned over three decades. We believe in supporting and serving other local businesses and we believe in Buy Idaho.

Our Little Egg family is proud to be part of the Buy Idaho family. Trish (left), Colin (right), Walter (center).

Our Little Egg family is proud to be part of the Buy Idaho family. Trish (left), Colin (right), Walter (center).