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Benefits for Benefits Brokers: Social Media for Open Enrollment

In the first installment of our Benefits for Benefits Brokers blog series, we talked about the importance of integrating social media into your healthcare marketing strategy. This time, the social media experts here at Little Egg are tackling one of the most underrated – and important – benefits of social media for brokers and your clients: open enrollment. Social media can be used to distribute information to employees and other potential clients about benefits and enrollment, communicate deadlines and eligibility requirements, resolve questions and concerns, and even start the enrollment process. Many healthcare brokers and their clients overlook this cost-effective and easy-to-implement strategy, and they’re missing out.

Via  Blogtrepreneur  | Flickr

Via Blogtrepreneur | Flickr


Do you still use paper pamphlets and printed flyers to disseminate information about open enrollment? What if there was a way to keep your marketing materials in a place that your entire target audience could see it, save it for when they have more time, come back to it when they can, and never lose it or toss it away? A blog, Twitter, and Facebook are all fantastic ways to get your content in front of the eyes of people who need to see it. You can engage with your target audience directly and communicate important dates, eligibility information, benefits and plan options, and the enrollment process in a manner that they already use.

Customer Service

Social media is also an excellent customer service solution. You can host Q&A sessions, provide an FAQ and give  personal service through email and instant messaging. Most social platforms allow commentary on content, and potential clients can provide feedback as well as ask questions. Engagement broadens your reach to their network as well, allowing you to attract more clients beyond your original target audience.

Digital Enrollment

For digital enrollment, social media is an excellent tool, both for initiating the process and for marketing links. Your reach is expanded, and you can quickly and easily distribute materials to both your target and their network. With social media use becoming more universal and integrated into society every day, they’ll be exposed to your content more often, reminding them and providing a convenient solution for employees and entities alike.

Instead of relying on wasteful paper communications, go digital with your open-enrollment strategy in 2018. The people you’re trying to reach are online already; why not reach them where they are with a post, a blog, or a Q&A session that won’t get lost or accidentally thrown away? Little Egg Solutions is staffed by experts in digital communications and engaging your audience; we can help you get started with a winning strategy and quality content. Contact us today to learn more!

Benefits for Benefit Brokers: Social Media Marketing in the Healthcare Industry

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Here at Little Egg Solutions, we’ve discussed the importance of integrating a social media component into the overall marketing strategy for small and medium businesses. Recently, we highlighted the difficulty in implementing a digital marketing strategy in traditionally print-oriented industries like Real Estate. The hesitation to jump into the social media pool extends across many other industries that historically have relied on television, radio, and print advertisement to attract leads, including health benefit brokers and the healthcare industry at large.

At first glance, it seems like a reasonable reservation. Digital communication can sometimes be viewed as impersonal and even cold: certainly not something that consumers want associated with the people in charge of such a personal matter as health care. However, social media has changed the way these digital conversations take place. Facebook is where friends and family converse, Twitter is where news is broken, and YouTube is where they find their entertainment and other useful information. All areas of life have become digitized to some degree, including the process of finding health insurance.

The vast majority of consumers research healthcare options online.

A 2013 study found that 81% of people looking to make a large or important purchase (a category in which health and life insurance definitely falls) research their options online. A similar study in 2015 found that 69% of Americans – and 81% of American Millennials – seek out the opinions of others before they purchase. These may seem like unrelated phenomenon, but when you realize that they seek these opinions on social media platforms, it highlights a major benefit of social media marketing: a captive audience.

Your potential leads are already there. They are on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and they are looking for help. Healthcare brokerage is about building relationships with people who need help finding their way through a labyrinth of coverage options. It’s about guiding them through the maze to the right coverage and a healthier, happier life. Social media is the entrance to that labyrinth, and they are trying to find someone to help them take the first step.

You can leverage social media to take care of both your clients and your leads.

It’s not just potential leads on there either; it’s your existing clients, as well. They may have questions or concerns, they may be ready to make a change, or they may be looking for someone with authority that they can trust to give them insightful, helpful, and factual information. Social media marketing gives you the opportunity to answer those questions, address those concerns, and share that information, all while drawing in leads as they watch you take care of those who need your help. It’s a win-win proposition.

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One common issue that plagues the social media marketing efforts of healthcare brokers is the lack of a hard-and-fast strategy. Often, social media is considered an “add-on” or an “option” when creating a marketing plan. In other words, they dip their toes in the pool when they should be diving in. At Little Egg Solutions, we know that integrating a new marketing strategy can be exhausting, especially one as demanding as social media marketing, but it’s not a choice of sink-or-swim. We can throw you a life jacket and take care of it for you, so you can take care of your clients. Contact us today to find out how!