Pin It to Win It: Three Benefits of Pinterest Marketing

                   Via Vectorsland

                   Via Vectorsland

The social media landscape is vast and ever-expanding. There are dozens of platforms, each with their own benefits for personal networking and content marketing alike. One that has great potential for businesses, but that often doesn’t get the attention it deserves, is Pinterest. Our social media marketing experts at Little Egg Solutions know that maximizing your reach and your audience means using the right resources, so we’ve put together this list of reasons why Pinterest marketing could be the missing link in your content marketing strategy.

Impressive User Base

The digital bulletin board site boasts a whopping 175 million active users, with 176 million registered users total. About 85% of all Pinterest users are women, making it an ideal marketing platform for many business niches, if less utilitarian than some other social media platforms. From health and beauty solutions to craft supplies and clothing, any product whose primary market is women can find an audience within the millions of people who use Pinterest religiously. However, for active users, it’s about a 60/40 split between women and men, so if your product appeals to both, Pinterest can still be a powerful tool in your overall content strategy.

Via Supertrooper | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Via Supertrooper | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Content with Staying Power

The reason that many social media marketing strategies call for multiple daily posts is that the high-speed ultra-competitive feeds feature so much noise that you have to unleash a torrent of content to get a trickle to your audience’s eyes. Not so with Pinterest, where the half-life of a post is around 1,600 times longer than that of Facebook. Your content can still reach your target audience and send traffic months after it’s posted, instead of only being effective for a few hours. The lower-maintenance, less-demanding pace of Pinterest marketing is a breath of fresh air when you feel like you’re drowning in content.

High-Octane Engagement

There are two main purposes of social media marketing: driving traffic, and engaging your audience to create digital word of mouth. Pinterest is the ideal place for both of these things. Because Pinterest allows users to pin content from anywhere on the web, that means that any visual content you post (on your website, your blog, your Facebook page – anywhere) can then reach the eyes of your Pinterest followers. Then, once it does, they can add it to their own board, and you reach all of their followers, too. All it takes is one influential repin, and suddenly your five-month old post is reaching millions of new eyes and driving dozens of fresh leads to your site.


In the often rapid-fire world of social media and content marketing, Pinterest is exactly the easy-going option many over-stressed business owners are looking for. With easy-to-monitor engagement metrics, easier-to-master posting formats, and a large, loyal, and very active user base (that is more diverse than it gets credit for), the benefits of Pinterest marketing make it an ideal addition to your content marketing strategy. To find out more about how your business could benefit from expert social media marketing strategies, contact Little Egg Solutions today!