Outsourcing Social Media Management: When and Why not to DIY

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In the long, long list of things that contribute to a successful business, social media is a crucial, but often overlooked, tool in the arsenal of small and medium business marketing skills. Having a strong social media presence, through various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube, is critical to building brand recognition, and having regularly updated blog and website content is essential to getting higher rankings through SEO. But business owners often find themselves floundering under the weight of these new marketing responsibilities and social media management tasks. Why not save yourself the headache, while also optimizing your online presence?

Why Outsource Social Media Management?

How hard could it be to take care of your own online presence? You update your personal Facebook status five times a day and tweet every other waking hour, right? How difficult would it be to transfer that energy into marketing your brand?

As it turns out, very. There is more to social media management for business than occasionally tweeting about a sale or posting an article about the industry on Facebook. Everything has to be optimized to get the best rankings possible to bring in clients. The necessary posting, updating, advertisement and content creation can quickly become a mountain of work that eats into the time you could be spending on more important things – like the day to day operation of your business such as taking care of your clients and customers.


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When Should I Consider Calling in a Professional?

There are two reasons to hire a social media management firm to handle your online marketing needs: too much work, or not enough business.

Too Much Work

You may find that keeping up with the constant updating and posting and optimization is simply too much work to add on to your everyday responsibilities. If this is the case, hiring a social media management firm would ease that burden and free up your time to get back to doing what you do best.

Not Enough Business

Likewise, if you’re struggling to convert traffic to sales or to attract clients, professional social media management could be an ideal solution. The experts who work at these firms know the ins and outs of SEO and social media marketing and can right the ship and generate more traffic, convert more visits to sales, and land you more clients, all while you take care of your business.

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In 2013, 86% of marketers reported that social media was very important to the health of their business, and that is still the case today. Social media management firms may seem like a luxury in the age of DIY fever, but they are an important partner in building or growing a successful business.

Social Media Management firms, such as Little Egg Solutions, help to ease the burden on small and medium businesses. They take care of the back-breaking mound of marketing and content management tasks, as well as public relation issues like brand recognition, trust, and humanization, without breaking your budget. They do all the posting and all of the updating for you, and they have the skills to make sure your content is not only top notch quality, but optimized for SEO impact.

Contact our social media savvy specialists at Little Egg Solutions for a free consultation today and find out how we can work hard so you don’t have to.