Minding The Content Gap: Identifying Niche Gaps and Filling Them With SEO Forward Content

In the second installment of our webinar series, we are joined by special guest, Conrad Crisman. Mr. Crisman is the CEO of Lumpz Media and official SEO Manager of the gaming news and opinion blog, Castleroid. Conrad and Colin discuss a recent (and very successful) content based SEO campaign designed and executed by Conrad for Castleroid. We cover important content strategy and inbound content marketing ideas and workflows mixed with cutting edge and budget friendly SEO advice.

Creating great and successful content for your site and your viewers isn’t just a matter of having the right talent to execute the writing and editing, but being able to approach it from an SEO angle as well. You must be able to spot trends and gaps in existing content that your audience needs.

In this example, Conrad found that there was a need for content about playing multiplayer LAN games on your Playstation 2. He discovered that the top search results were all forum posts and comments, but nothing was showing up that had been written on a dedicated blog page. So, they created a great piece for that content gap and… well you’re just going to have to listen to the whole interview to find out what happened from there!

Join us on this installment of our ongoing webinar series about creating great content with an SEO twist.

You can follow Conrad on Twitter: @castleroid & @LumpzMedia.